Anders & Angella

Angella has the voice of an angel and she and Anders collaborate effortlessly together!! As a bride and groom there is so much going on that it's hard to take it all in, but when I think of my wedding, I hear Anders and Angella singing as the soundtrack of our day!” - April C.

The Bash

Anders and Angella played live for our ceremony and cocktail hour and got nothing but rave reviews. I have quite a few musicians among my family and our friends and everyone was extremely impressed. Can't say enough, they are a must hire.” - Patrick D.

Wedding Wire

Listen to the sample above, and you'll hear Anders and Angella harmonizing through decades of popular music. The mixture of their voices, complemented by solid acoustic instrumental backing and simple percussion accompaniment can bring a special energy to all types of gatherings, in all types of venues. They are an extremely versatile duo, always broadening their already vast repertoire, and up for learning new material by request. Anders and Angella love what they do, and you can hear it in the way they play.